New Orleans Artist Terrance Osborne, grew up in the heart of his culturally rich city being inspired by his diverse and colorful social surroundings. As a youth Osborne held an interest in art, largely fueled by his mother and his older brother. While in high school, he was introduced to painting by his mentor Richard C Thomas.

Osborne attended the prestigious New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (N.O.C.C.A.) and later graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from Xavier University in New Orleans. For the following five years he taught art at Alice Harte Elementary until Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and he relocated his family to Georgia. From then on, with his wife Stephanie at his side, Osborne decided to dedicate his time completely to art. After two years in Georgia, he moved his family back to New Orleans and created a new body of work depicting scenes of a colorful New Orleans saturated by Hurricane Katrina imagery. His work quickly became international recognized. Over the years Osborne would be been featured in a slew of public media for his vividly whimsical works glorifying New Orleans culture. “New Orleans is one of those places in the world that everyone loves because our people love people.”

His 2007, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018 and 2022 Official Jazz & Heritage Festival Posters are a handful of the most collected posters in the world.

Osborne gained partnerships with companies such as Nike, NBA, CocaCola, Heineken, Tulane University and Coup De Fondré Winery to name a few.

In 2017 he officially opened Terrance Osborne Gallery in uptown New Orleans. His gallery remains one of the top galleries in the city. Be it art connoisseur or causal collector, Terrance Osborne’s art continues a delight the eyes cross all divides.