Terrance Osborne SOLD Originals

“Lady Mardi Gras”  SOLD

Uptown Bound

Take a trip through the streets of radiant uptown New Orleans without leaving. This one is one of my personal favorites. Uptown Bound measures 47″x 39″ and is acrylic on wood.  SOLD.  To purchase with check or credit card, please call 504-232-7530 or e-mail at galleryosborne@gmail.com.




Flavor of New Orleans

Commissioned by French Market Coffee (Reily Foods) to be used as the new promotional brand image, this 7ft piece is sure to capture all the attention in any room. Steam rises from the coffee and reviles what its made of. This is what New Orleans taste like. Acrylic on wood. SOLD





Post Mardi Gras Magnolia

If you’ve ever been to a New Orleans parade, then you know all too well what this painting is about. Post Mardi Gras Magnolia puts you right on the parade route after the festivities in the heart of a city that knows how to “throw” a party. Acrylic on canvas measures 64″x 40″ and is framed.